Monday, February 18, 2013

The brain is flipped!

So, one of the surprising observations about my brain is that it's highly asymmetric. The gyri are clearly asymmetric, but when holding the model, it's quite clear to me that one side of the brain is noticeably larger than the other. In particular, the right side of the brain in the model is bigger than the left, especially in the occipital lobe.

Based on the common saying that the left side of the brain gives rise to rational thinking, while the right side of the brain gives rise to artistic abilities, I then told my parents over the phone that I must, in fact, be an artist.

They shot me down pretty harshly. My mom told me, "no way, you don't even play an instrument"; and my dad told me as well, "that can't be true. I can't ever imagine you singing on TV. There must be a mistake."

So, when thinking about possible sources of error, it occurred to me that when stacking the 2D sagittal slices into a 3D volume in Matlab, I was not careful at all about the stacking order of the slices! So, there was the possibility that I have mistaken the left-right orientation when building the 3D dataset from the images.

I was able to get to the bottom of this confusion by comparing a screenshot of the data that I took at Siemens, with the correct left-right orientation, with the CAD model that I extracted a few days ago. By comparing the gyri patterns (I highlight them in color in the image below), indeed the model has been reversed and I'm not an artist just like my parents said...

The 1:1 model will be printed with the correct orientation.

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