Friday, January 17, 2014

Ventricular system

This term, I am taking a lab course on human neurobiology at Stanford. Among other things, we are learning about the anatomy of the human brain. I decided to take a look at my brain model / MRI data to see if I can identify some interesting structures.

First, I looked at the ventricular structures in the center of the brain. I do this by deleting the outer surface of the cortex in my previously generated 3D model. (Note that I may have to tweak the isosurface generation parameters from MRI data, in order to better segment internal structures.) The ventricular structure is roughly highlighted in green:

I think you can even find the foramina of Monro, which connects the lateral ventricles to the third ventricle:

Other things I am interested in are:
  • Do I have an intact Circle of Willis? (This will probably require resegmentation of the MRI model.)
  • Can I obtain a nice model of the half hemisphere?

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